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Aston Villa facing troubled times

Aston Villa are facing troubled times ahead as they stand at the bottom of the premiership. They need eight points to pull them out of the relegation zone, but achieving this is looking more and more unlikely. With 17 games left they are only just over half way through the season. Although this fact should be a positive, turning things around seems almost impossible, as fans begin to lose hope.

Aston Villa New Chairman says they have no fear of relegation

Aston Villa’s new chairman Steven Hollis has spoken out with regards to his concerns and has every intention of pulling the club back up to where he believes they should be.

He admits that this isn’t a task that can be performed overnight, and that it may well be the case that they have to face relegation this season in order to work their way back next season. He insists that the club have no fear of facing relegation or of undergoing changes in order to gain back a premiership status.

Hollis has met with the clubs American owner, Randy Lerner, and said that he was very clear about the levels of work involved. There have been numerous structural flaws at Villa over the last five years which is why the American has appointed Hollis. Work needs to be done quickly.

The new chairman paid tribute to the owner, and said that Lerner is fully committed to the club. He also stated that Randy Lerner will support the board and executive team in all of their decisions. The team will take the actions needed to put Aston Villa in the best possible position, so that they can come up as quickly as possible.

Speaking of the work involved and the future of the club Hollis went on to say:

“There is a big job to be done. And as chairman I really do want to bring back the confidence to this club, both on the playing side and non-playing side, so we can feel good about what we are doing. Time will tell if I am right or not. But I have spent six weeks looking at this and I genuinely believe this needs an overhaul and it needs some solid business principals inputting into it.”

The next step is to look at how they can shake the club up, so that they can put it on the correct path with the ultimate aim to command in the Premier League. Hollis has admitted that this will take some time.

Randy Lerner spent a lot of money on the club last summer and so far no one has seen any results of that expense. Hollis will attribute a turn around to hard work, commitment and focusing on continuous improvement at the club.

The new chairman Steven Hollis, Chief executive Tom Fox and Randy Lerner are heavily involved in making a difference together from here on out.  But there must be a clear plan if they are going to make a difference all together at Aston Villa.

Fox knows that where the club are this season is obviously not where they want to be. They all know how difficult it is for the fans facing another relegation battle. It is also difficult for the players and for everyone else in the organisation.

Tom Fox agrees with Hollis and has also said that although this time is hard they do not live in fear of what might happen. The important thing for Lerner right now is that he feels good about the future of the club and that he has an executive management team that he can trust.

Admitting that there are problems with the football Fox said:

“There is something not right with our football set-up at Bodymoor Heath, when we talk about it, we say that it is fundamentally broken and has been for a while. The results speak for themselves. When a great club like this, with its history and heritage and success it has had in the past, finds itself in a relegation battle for five seasons in a row, despite spending money to bring players in and changing managers, you have to ask yourself ‘what is fundamentally wrong?”

He added:

“The principles Steve talks about are the ones we need to bring to our football set-up so that when we got to our board and ask them to spend money on acquiring players or coaches, we have a good sense for how that investment is going to pay off for the owner and how it is ultimately going to deliver results on the pitch.”

It would be good to hear that officials at Aston Villa have a clear plan, and it does seem that there are some ideas coming together. But it is imperative that these plans are put into action for the sake of all involved. The way things have panned out so far this season, is a clear indication of the fact that, no body seems to be working together to get achieve the desired result.

Author Lisa Wood
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