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Bayliss speaks out following England win

Trevor Bayliss has spoken of plans to search for new talent to join England’s cricket team in their bid for future glory. Having only been head coach for a short while the Australian has admitted that he hasn’t had as much time as he would have liked to analyse English Cricket. Now that the latest test against South Africa is over, Bayliss plans to use his time for analytics and recruitment.

Bayliss Talks future plans for England

Trevor Bayliss has said that he will be making an effort to watch and learn more about the English game.  He has pointed out that he will take elements from the current team and combine them with what he believes is needed for the future.

Speaking of the types of player he wishes to add to the mix, Bayliss said when he looks at a player it isn’t all about technique or runs. The type of person a player is, and his style is very important. A player must have something about them; he must also have an element of strength. These are the qualities of some of the highest level cricketers in the world.

Describing his ideal player, Bayliss added:

“You don’t necessarily have to have the best technique to score runs or take wickets. It’s how you use the technique that you’ve got and being hard enough and strong enough and smart enough to be able to use that in the right context.”

Although there has been some debate over England and the way they played in South Africa, Trevor Bayliss has lead England Cricket to victory this winter.

Having made a spectacular start to the series England seemingly gave away the last test match, knowing that they had won the series anyway. Many officials and former players agree that if England are to be regarded as a great team, then they must play to the best of their ability all the way through a series, no matter what the outcome.

England played similarly last summer in the Ashes series that saw them bring the Urn home; they gave the series their all until they knew that they had won. The final match of the series was pretty poor from England. Surely they would want to really make an effort in a final match to leave a good impression and to show the world why they are deserving winners?

Hopefully some new blood will give England the push they need to work hard as they move forward under Trevor Bayliss.

The next international test series for England begins on May 19th when England face Sri Lanka.

Author Lisa Wood
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