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Chris Froome releases performance data

Chris Froome releases performance data ahead of stage seventeen at the Tour de France. The data has been released in an effort to quash doping rumours, as Chris Froome leads at this stage in the race.

Chris Froome’s team want the people to judge

Chris Froome and his team are obviously elated that he has been performing in the way that he has. But team Sky have decided that at this stage in the game it is important for all concerned to be in the know. Sir Dave Brailsford, of Team Sky made an announcement to follow the data release stating that he wanted people to judge for themselves.

The rumours are said to have come about when Frome’s spectacular performance had him out in front at stage ten of the competition. On Sunday a French commentator made suggestions that implied Chris Froome had been using performance enhancing drugs. Following on from the comments made the rumour mill went into overdrive and speculation on the matter was rife.  French doctor of physiology, Pierre Sallet, even appeared on French television stating that he had worked out that the athletes’ rate of climb in the race was abnormally high.

Chris Fromme’s performance data consists of training figures everything from his heart rate to his power output and peddling speed. Team Sky claims that the information provided by the doctor was dismissive, and in an effort to disperse the accusations they have announced the correct figures in a press conference held yesterday in Sisteron.

In a closing statement Tim Kerrison, Team Sky’s head of athlete performance, followed the figures release with a statement that slated Dr Pierre Sallet and the French television broadcasters that went public with inaccurate information:

 “With great power comes great responsibility. If you have the power to influence what millions of people are thinking about a situation, you have the responsibility to make sure that your facts are accurate.”

True to Team Sky’s original claim, it is now down to the people to decide. But to penalise a talent like that, of Chris Froome, when he is in his prime is at the very least questionable. There are clearly people out there that simply don’t want to see the thirty year old achieve such huge success in his field.

Author Lisa Wood
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