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Costa talks, tactics, aggression, and Chelsea’s form

Costa, Chelsea’s very own star striker talks openly about his own methods of play and the altogether too prominent aggression he can sometimes display on the pitch. The twenty seven year old believes that there is nothing wrong with a little passion in today’s football.

Diego Costa divulges what’s going on behind closed doors.

Costa believes that his aggression in the game is responsible for enabling him to do so well in his professional career. Believing the way he plays the game has contributed to his prominence in football, he has decided not to let what others think of him get in the way of his style.

So far this season Diego Costa has been banned twice for three games. The first banning came after he stamped on Liverpool’s Emre Can and the second ban was due to his run in with Laurent Koscielny. The Chelsea player admits that he is no angel but insists that he won’t change:

“I’ve got this far thanks to the way I play the game, I’m not going to change that because of what people may think of it. I think that football has always had a passionate, aggressive side, with players giving their all,” said Costa. “People have to get used to this. Some people seem to think football is like theatre, and that everyone has to play the good guy. But I think that you transform when you cross the white line, you’re not the same person as off it. I give no quarter and I ask for none. Out there I’m going to fight for my team and do the best I can.”

He went on to say:

“Afterwards, when the match is over, I have my family and my friends. I have fun like a normal person. But on the pitch don’t try and put wings on me, as I am no angel.”

Costa made the move from Atletico Madrid to Chelsea back in 2012 and has been a fundamental part of the team ever since. Last season the boys in blue managed to win the Premier League and League Cup. But this year so far things dont seem to be going too well.

Costa insists that Chelsea’s current form isn’t a result of what may or may not be happening in the changing rooms. He says that the atmosphere is great and that during his time at the club there hasn’t been one argument. There are normally disagreements in all changing rooms, but Diego Costa makes it clear that that isn’t a problem at Chelsea.

Having been a top goal scorer for Chelsea last season, Costa hasn’t been able to replicate his success so far this season. He insists that manager, Mourinho, is not to blame for Chelsea’s current form, in fact he holds him in very high regard:

“Before the season started, the coach warned us, we had a meeting with him and he warned us about our mentality. Our coach is very clever he saw the situation we are in at the moment before it happened. What has surprised me with Mourinho is the affinity he has with his players. Everyone talks about Mourinho’s image on the touchline, how serious and even arrogant he is. But he really has an affinity with his players in the changing room, on a day-to-day basis.”

No matter what Diego Costa’s opinions are, fans everywhere are questioning the Chelsea boss, and anticipating that the Blues are able to turn things around!

Author Lisa Wood
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