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David Haye is set to fight again

David Haye is ready to fight again and admits that he is on form to face a tough challenge. The well-known boxer hasn’t been seen in the ring since 2012 when he faced Dereck Chisora. Haye, was victorious and knocked out his fellow Brit in five rounds.

David Haye faces a challenge

David Haye will face Mark de Mori in a fight scheduled for January 16th 2016, set to take place at the O2 in London. The thirty five year old has spoken out following the announcement and in particular has made reference to his Australian opponent, and why he opted to face someone that will challenge him in the ring.

Haye has explained that he needed to provide followers with something that they can get excited about:

“I could have picked an easier opponent, I could have fought someone who’d been knocked out a couple of times but I wanted to give people someone to get excited about.”

Paying tribute to his soon to be, rival Haye went on to add:

“He is top 10. I don’t want to fight complete nobodies. I believe if I can do what I’m doing in the gym on 16 January then I’ll be better than I used to be.”

De Mori has also commented with regards to the fixture, and has begun goading Haye already, albeit in a subtle context. The talented fighter has explained how his career began and went on to divulge how it has gone on to develop from way back when he trained in his dad’s garage to where he is at the moment.

De Mori believes that Haye and his team will be preparing to fight someone altogether different from who he is in the ring now:

“One thing his team may not know is that 90% of my career I trained in my dad’s garage. I had a few fights with my wife in my corner. That’s the guy they have seen on you tube and are preparing for. But I’ve lived in Croatia for the last two years and have gone from training in my garage to training with a coach who is a two-time Olympian. So I’ve gone from self-trained guy with my wife wiping blood from my face to being properly trained. My strength has gone to another level.”

The thirty three year old hasn’t lost a fight since 2004, and twenty six of the fights that he has won have been outright victories resulting in Knock out’s.

Although De Mori might believe Haye to be improperly prepared when Haye has spoken it does sound as though he knows just who he is up against.

Given his history, Mark De Mori will definitely provide the ‘Hayemaker’ with a challenge, and both will be determined to achieve a total Knock out!

Author Lisa Wood
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