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Garde humiliated by defeat

Remi Garde has admitted that he is humiliated by this weekend’s 6 – 0 defeat at home to Liverpool. The Aston Villa boss has also said that he feels sorry for the fans that came to see their team play at home.

Remi Garde admits that his team did not fight enough

Remi Garde admits that Aston Villa did not fight hard enough against Liverpool. Speaking after the game the Frenchman said:

“I feel humiliated. I am sorry for the fans who came to Villa Park. This is a bad feeling that we did not fight enough.”

Speaking of Villa’s performance on the pitch, Garde admitted that he expected better from his team. Fifteen minutes into the game he said that they lost it and he just doesn’t know what happened. The first two Goals from Liverpool proved difficult for the home team to swallow, and from then on they just didn’t have their hearts in the game.

Gard was honest and recognised the mistakes that his team made he said that throughout the game his men were always two-three metres from their opponents. There was basically very little in terms of defence from Villa. This of course made the game an easy one for Liverpool.

Garde was hoping to see some fighting spirit at Villa Park, especially because of the position they are in at the moment. But unfortunately the fight didn’t materialise.

Obviously now Garde intends to move on from last weekend’s mistakes and hopes that they can really go for it at their next match. Villa really have to aim to win just to prove that, although staying up looks highly unlikely, they deserve to be in the premiership.

Speaking of what’s next for the Villa, Gard went on to say:

“Until we have little hope, I will be the one who will still believe. After a game like this, it is very difficult but we won’t play Liverpool every weekend. I understand the fans’ frustration. I don’t know exactly who let down who in this football club. I am trying to concentrate on my job and try to do the best with the players who want to still fight.”

Author Lisa Wood
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