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Great Britain – The home of Formula 1

As all Formula 1 fans know, the British Grand Prix is happening this weekend and the hype in Great Britain has been massive, as it is a loved event watched by hundreds of thousands of Britons around the country. There will be massive support this year for the British favourite, Lewis Hamilton, who looks to win his home event for the second time in his career, but the first time for Mercedes. Hamilton previously won the British Grand Prix in 2008 whilst racing for McLaren alongside fellow Briton who will also want to win it, albeit fairly unlikely, Jenson Button.

Great Britain is known to be the home of Formula 1 as a lot of the teams have their factory based in Great Britain with 8 of teams being homed in England. The 8 teams based in Great Britain are, Marussia, Lotus, Caterham, Williams, Mercedes, Red Bull, Force India and McLaren. Force India are the best placed team in England as their factory is the closest out of all of the teams to the racecourse Silverstone, where the British Grand Prix is hosted.

Teams in Great Britain don’t travel too far for the British GP

Considering Formula 1 is one of the sports which travels across most of the globe, it is amazing how the majority of the teams are based in Great Britain. The other 3 Formula 1 teams are based fairly close to Great Britain too as Ferrari and Toro Rosso are homed in Italy whilst Sauber are the only team based in Switzerland. The big question everybody is asking is, why are the majority of the Formula 1 teams based in Great Britain?

The answer is thanks to World War Two! When the Second World War ended in 1945, the engineers who were making lightweight planes, used to fighting the enemy, didn’t really have anywhere else to go. So they used the airfields and turned them into racing tracks as they were completely flat. The engineers began to build lightweight cars which were then used for racing on the newly transformed racecourses and after a while, suppliers got interested and filled the needs to build fast cars.

In the 1980’s, the television needed something to fill up the time on the air so they used motorsport as an exciting event to air on TV. Silverstone was the place to be for testing at that time and so a lot of the teams came over to Great Britain and placed their base fairly close to each other and close to the Silverstone racecourse.

Great Britain does well in the sport as impressively, 17 of the 20 races that were held around the world last season were won by a British-built car. On top of that, Great Britain are smashing the Constructive Championship with British-based constructors winning 38 Constructors Championships which is ahead of Italy, who have won 16 and France, who have won only 1.

Author Daniel Foster.
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