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Hot Spot dropped for winter Ashes

The decision has been made to not use the infrared camera technology known as ‘Hot Spot’ in this winter’s Ashes tournament being held in Australia. The Hot Spot is a piece of technology that allows the umpire to detect when the ball has hit the bat and when it has just missed it. However, during the last Ashes in the Summer, Hot Spot received some criticism from both the professional cricket players and the fans due to some decisions being proved wrong. Therefore, it has been agreed that it shall be dropped in favour of other technology.

No Hot Spot means other technologies step in

Now that the Hot Spot has been dropped, the television umpires, which are the people who verify whether an umpires call was correct was challenged, must use other technology to settle the correct decision. In this case, they are planning on using only Eagle Eye ball-tracking software, audio from stump microphones, and slow-motion replays when a team has questioned an umpire’s call. The previous Ashes, which was hosted by England in the Summer, was won by England 3-0, but Australia will look for revenge on home ground when the winter Ashes begins 21srt November in Brisbane.

In Australia the costs of the television rights were increased, which ultimately is the reason Hot Spot cannot be afforded. Hot Spot costs roughly around £6,000 every day it is used, so it not a surprise Channel Nine, who is the host broadcaster for the Ashes, couldn’t afford it. Warren Brennan, the owner of BBG Sports who invented the Hot Spot, commented, “Unfortunately, with Channel Nine paying double the amount in rights fees to Cricket Australia for their new broadcast agreement, then there was always going to be less funds available in the kitty for development of technology.”

Author Daniel Foster.
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