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Jose Mourinho expresses his feelings on Fabregas red card

Jose Mourinho’s team had to admit defeat when yesterday saw Chelsea play West Bromwich Albion in the Premier League. The Blues lost to the home team with a humiliating score of 3-0. Chelsea boss Mourinho has pointed the finger at everyone else it seems. In media reports across the country Jose Mourinho has openly criticized Chelsea’s rivals in the Premiership.

Jose Mourinho and fans are stunned at the referee’s decision

The match kicked off with Chelsea at the ball but immediately saw West Brom take control. Neither Chelsea nor West Brom seemed to be in the mood to play fair and each team made attempts to goad the other. Despite the volatility of the game, it was the move that Fabregas made towards West Brom’s Chris Brun, which has made the headlines this morning. The referee was trying to mitigate a head to head with Diego Costa and Gareth McAuley. During the confrontation the referee saw Fabregas deliberately kick the ball to the head of midfielder Chris Brun. In a move that shocked the fans, the referee immediately pulled out his red card to Fabregas and has placed the player on a three match ban. It is safe to say that Jose Mourinho did not react well to the move made by the referee.

Jose Mourinho has placed the blame on Chelsea’s first 3-0 loss since 2012 to the opposition. He has also made accusations towards other premiership sides. Mourinho has stated that Chelsea would not be in the position that they are in, if it were not for how other teams have played so far this season.

The Chelsea boss has defended Fabregas and claims that he was merely kicking the ball, without any signs of aggression. Clearly the referee felt differently. In a bold statement Jose Mourinho has questioned the referee:

“Where is the danger of the situation, where is the aggression in the situation to get the red card in a friendly game? I really don’t understand.”

Mourinho followed this statement with acceptance knowing that they decision was final but simply outlining that he didn’t understand it. He said that he had no reason to question Fabregas as he believes the decision was un-fair.

No matter what the result it is fair to say that Chelsea have played well this season.

Author Lisa Wood.
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