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Jose Mourinho unleashes his opinions on last season

Jose Mourinho, Chelsea boss has spoken out with reference to the abilities of various professionals on the field. His opinions come ahead of the 2015/16 season and beg the question, How will Chelsea fair in the championships.

Jose Mourinho has claimed Eden Hazard was better than Ronaldo

Jose Mourinho, is a much respected professional and his opinions will strike a chord throughout the footballing profession. His perspective is also bound to cause a great deal of speculation and debate across the footballing community and rival clubs.

The Portuguese manager has confirmed that he believes Chelsea’s Eden Hazard played better than Christian Ronaldo last season. His statement was made following the recent crowning of Christian Ronaldo as footballer of the year. Last season saw Hazard contribute to Chelsea winning the premier league and in comparison Ronaldo failed to secure any titles for his team Real Madrid.

The fifty two year old has stated:

“Last season, yes Hazard was better, In spite of the fact that Ronaldo was fantastic. He was fantastic. He scored an incredible number of goals. I am not saying he is not fantastic. I am just saying that, in my personal view.”

Jose Mourinho went on to say that football without titles is nothing and that titles are very important to the game. He also made reference to Messi and explained that he went on to win the treble, pointing out that there clearly are other talents out there. His comments overall implied that he wasn’t keen on the fact that there is even a ‘footballer of the year award’ and that no one man made a team. The game for Mourinho is about the team winning titles not individual players.

His comments also referred to the fact that no one player can make a team. Chelsea will not be reliant on Hazard on the pitch. Rightfully so, each player will be given the opportunity to display their own talents as part of a team this coming season.

Jose Mourinho has displayed many tactics already, ahead of this season, in axing three of his players. He has also set his sights on who he wants to add to his team before the transfer window closes. The Chelsea boss has also made an effort to goad the teams that he believes he will be bidding against. He certainly hasn’t made any effort to keep his intentions and opinion’s quiet this year. Jose Mourinho has questioned the spending of rival clubs but in a direct contradiction has made plans to spend more than the competition.

To put all of Mourinho’s comments into perspective the Chelsea boss is clearly displaying nothing short of a thirst for titles and victories this coming season. His presence in the media is likely to be making an impact on rival teams and just sets us up for what is bound to be an exciting season!

Author Lisa Wood
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