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Kimi Raikkonen set to join Alonso?

The rumour going around in the world of Formula 1 is that the extremely talented Kimi Raikkonen is set to return to his former team where he won his only Drivers Championship, Ferrari, and join forced with Fernando Alonso. Reportedly the papers were already signed on Monday and it is just a matter of time before Ferrari make it official via an announcement, until then it is still only just a rumour. However, the rumours are very promising as Ferrari have been far from happy with Alonso’s current partner, Felipe Massa, who has struggled to do anything special recently.

Felipe Massa has been with Ferrari for a total time of nearly 8 years now, but it seems like the key management and owners of Ferrari are getting frustrated with how inconsistent their drivers has been. Massa is either wonderful, driving with his partner fluently, or terrible, leaving Alonso alone on the track with no support. Now Kimi Raikkonen is threatening the Brazilians place in the Ferrari team as the Italian driving force believe the Fin could support Alonso better or even accomplish more than Alonso.

What could this Kimi Raikkonen move mean?

This move involving the impressive Kimi Raikkonen could change the whole of Formula 1 and how it has been going in recent years. It must be taken into account the fact that Felipe Massa would be replaced therefore improving the Ferrari team all round and the departure of Mark Webber for Red Bull could mean that Ferrari can put up a better race for the Constructors’ Championship against Red Bull. For the past three consecutive years Red Bull have won the Constructors’ Championship, but with this move that has a possibility of changing.

This year is nearly over and it has practically been decided that Red Bull are likely to win a fourth Constructors Championship, unless Ferrari and Alonso somehow pull a miracle out of the bag and Vettel suddenly turns terrible, which is unlikely. However, next year could be a different story if Kimi Raikkonen joins as the Fin and Alonso could team up together to attempt and stop Vettel from dominating the sport. If Vettel’s new partner Daniel Ricciardo turns out to be a let down, Ferrari could seriously take the advantage.

Fernando Alonso commented on the situation, “I said yesterday to the media it’s not possible for me to talk of any name for next year because I have a lot of respect for Felipe. We’ve been working very hard and close for four years to give Ferrari the maximum. Whatever decision the team will take will be good for me and we will keep working to give Ferrari the best results possible.” If Kimi Raikkonen does go to Ferrari, it is likely that Nico Hulkenberg will replace him at Lotus after a wonderful Italian Grand Prix, finishing fifth for Sauber.

Author Daniel Foster.
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