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Korean Grand Prix dropped from 2015

The Grand Prix which was a shock addition to the 2015 schedule, the Korean Grand Prix, has now been dropped from the 2015 season after the FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile) deemed the race as not viable. The race in Korea was originally added to the Formula 1 season after Bernie Ecclestone requested it to be added due to engine reasons, but now the FIA have confirmed that the Grand Prix will not go ahead. The Korean race was set to be the 5th race of the year, before the first European Grand Prix in Spain, but it is no surprise that it has been excluded from the calendar.

Korean Grand Prix exclusion leaves 20 races in 2015

Originally, there was set to be 21 races in the Formula 1 2015 season, but after the news has been confirmed about the exclusion of the Korean Grand Prix, there will now only be 20 races to enjoy this year. The reason the Korean Grand Prix was added to make 21 races in the season was to try and allow the engine manufactures to continue to use five engines for the season, instead of having to use four engines for 2015. If there were more than 20 races in a calendar, then each driver could have 5 engines, but since there is only 20 races, each competitor can only have 4 engines for the entire season.

The decision to add the Korean Grand Prix to the campaign was pushed mainly by Renault and its works team Red Bull, due to the fact they really struggled last season, which was dominated by Mercedes. Last season, the majority of the races were won by Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton or Nico Rosberg, with Hamilton winning the Formula 1 World Championship. Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo managed to earn 3 victories for his team, whilst Sebastian Vettel failed to win a race last season. Will the 2015 Formula 1 season be dominated by Mercedes again, or will Red Bull be able to contest for the title?

Author Daniel Foster.
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