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Lennox Lewis to fight for $100 million

The 48 year old retired boxer, Lennox Lewis has claimed that he is more than willing to comeback and fight one of the Klitschko brothers following the news that Russian promoters offered him $50 million to fight Wladimir. However, Lewis counter proposed that he will fight one of the brothers, preferably Wladimir, for double of the offered price and claimed that he can be ready for the fight in just six months. The original offer came after Lennox Lewis attended Waldimir Klitschko’s title defence fight at the weekend in Moscow.

Lennox Lewis comeback could be highest pay in boxing history

If the deal does break through that Lennox Lewis will fight Waldimir Klitschko for £100 million, it will be the highest ever recorded pay out for a boxer in Boxing history. Floyd Mayweather broke that record only last month when he was paid $41.2million in the victory over Canelo Alvarez, it is being believed that the total revenue reached £70 million after all of the pay-per-view purchases were counted. Lennox Lewis admitted that he thinks he can surpass George Foreman as the oldest world heavyweight champion of all time if the fight goes ahead.

Lennox Lewis commented after promising to return for $100 million, “That is my price tag and it is under discussion. I have told them I can be ready in six months and I am in provisional training.” He continued, “I beat Vitali so I would like to fight the other brother but we’ll see how it works out. I want to bring back the Sweet Science to heavyweight boxing. I will go back to the mountains and into isolation. With the Russians involved I am thinking of training in Siberia.”

Author Daniel Foster.
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