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Lewis Hamilton to announce new contract details in Monaco

Lewis Hamilton, the Formula one Champion’s current deal with Mercedes is due to end this season. The 30 year old superstar could have his head turned by rival team Ferrari. Negotiations for Hamilton began at the start of the year and are due to come to a head in Monaco at the end of next week.

Lewis Hamilton has been involved in the terms of a new contract

Lewis Hamilton is said to be involved in the negotiations, with Mercedes, himself. Rumour has it that he is set to be paid more than fellow formula one drivers Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel. Hamilton is in a strong position, given his skills, and should be able to settle an agreement that is right for him.

Although money is something that is bound to be a deciding factor for Hamilton, it is an argument that he strongly denies. He commented that any stories regarding his contract, and the importance of its value, where not fundamental to his final decision. In a statement that implied he was offended by the media’s portrayal of negotiations, Hamilton hit out exclaiming that it simply isn’t the case.

A new three year deal between Hamilton and Mercedes is rumoured to be worth £130 million. The money will be double the amount Hamilton signed his previous contract for.

Last Sunday saw Lewis Hamilton come in Second to his fellow team member Nico Rosberg in the Spanish Grand Prix. Although he didn’t get the sort after top spot he didn’t feel like he was a loser. Lewis Hamilton commented:

“But I came second. I don’t really feel like I lost one. Naturally I didn’t win. But I drove a race which I felt I won. I did a three-stop. I pushed all the way. So I feel amazing right now. It could have been a lot worse. I could have come third or fourth.”

Although the outcome is probable, until anything is finalised, the question still remains, will Mercedes win back their champion and secure him as part of their team?

Author Lisa Wood.
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