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Plumpton races abandoned

Plumpton races were abandoned yesterday following the extreme weather the U.K have been experiencing over the last couple of weeks. Great Britain has been subject to immense rainfall causing wide spread floods and devastation to the North.

Plumpton races were cancelled after three races

An inspection of the track at Plumpton took place earlier in the day, and the decision was made to go ahead with the fixtures. However after three races the condition of the track was clear for all that were there to enjoy a day’s racing.

The Sussex racecourse was in fact waterlogged and there was visible standing water on the track. As the horses ran water splashed at their hooves.

Following the decision Steward Sam Angell justified the decision in a statement:

“After further persistent rain during the afternoon it left the course waterlogged and therefore unsafe to have proceeded. At the stage we started racing the course was not waterlogged, it was heavy ground but no heavier than it has been in the past.”

He went on to point out that the continued precipitation didn’t help the situation and just worsened conditions as the day went on.  In areas the racecourse had started to flood.

Angell also pointed out that safety had to be a factor in the decision that was made. He was insistent that during the first inspection of Plumpton any emergency vehicles could access the track. However at the time the decision was made any stricken horses or injured participants would be stuck as the course had become inaccessible.

Jockey, Sean Bowen, also spoke out following the abandonment of the days racing. He agreed with the officials’ decision and openly explained that the races had to be called off due to the increasing numbers of puddles on the track.

Speaking of the initial races and the continuing rainfall Bowen went on to add:

“It wasn’t too bad to start with. The first two races were fine, the third race was getting very bad and it wasn’t stopping raining. It was raceable to start with but definitely not anymore.”

Following the cancellations many Trainers were left frustrated and not all of them agreed with the decision. However, Trainer Johnny Farelly, completely agreed and admitted that if it isn’t safe then racing should be called off. He also stated that the safety of the participants was of highest importance.

Author Lisa Wood
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