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Price of Football still too much?

The good news for football fans all over the nation is that on average, the price of football has fallen by 2.4% in the top four divisions in England, but is it still too expensive to watch the sport you love?

It all depends on which team you support as some can be extremely good prices with Manchester City only costing £299.00 (cheapest possible price) for a season ticket, which is the cheapest season ticket in the Premier League. On the other hand, if you are an Arsenal fan the price of football is extortionate with their cheapest possible season ticket being £985.00 (including 7 cup matches).

However, if you are looking to go out just for the day and treat yourself, the cheapest price of football in the Premier League is £23.20 at Newcastle, which is the cheapest by nearly a fiver, ahead of Cardiff. That price includes the cheapest day ticket for an adult, a pie, a cup of tea and a match programme. Liverpool are the criminals for being the most expensive Premier League side for a day out costing a whopping £46.60, closely followed by fellow London teams West Ham United and Chelsea, who cost £45.70 and £45.00 respectively.

The Price of football for the Premier League is still truly expensive

The average price of football has fallen in the top four English divisions thanks to the lower leagues, who have seen attendances drop by an average of 5%, meaning the clubs had to reduce the costs in order to still make sales. On average, the attendances have dropped in the Football League (which includes the Championship, League One and League Two) by 500 people per club.

The stand out statistics of the survey was that Arsenal were once again selling the most expensive season ticket at an unbelievable cost of £1,955 each. Although, they are not the villains when it comes to food as the most expensive pies being sold are by Crystal Palace and Kidderminster at £4 each, when on average pies at the football cost about £3. The Manchester teams were guilty last year of selling the most expensive cup of tea, but now it’s only the Red Devils who sell the most expensive tea at £2.50; the Sky Blue side of the City reduced theirs by 70p.

Sports Minister Hugh Robertson commented, “It is good news for fans but it does come after a long period of incremental rises year on year. The key thing is that it is replicated in years to come. I think clubs are beginning to understand what fans are going through and to adjust their prices accordingly.”

Now, let’s compare the price of football with the price of a normal day out to popular places or events. When adding the price of the cheapest adult ticket with suitable food and drink, the cheapest possible day out at Alton Towers rounds off to be £45.50, while the Blackpool Tower costs slightly more at £52.15.

Edinburgh Castle only costs £23.75 and an Inter Milan football match costs £24.06, but both prices would go up due to travel. A One Direction concert costs around £72 and Legoland will set you back by £50, but it’s a good price of £22.50 for the wax works museum, Madame Tussauds in London.

Author Daniel Foster.
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