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Silverstone Grand Prix this weekend

This weekend, Silverstone plays host to the British Grand Prix, and Nico Rosberg is on a high having won three of the last four races, most recently in Austria as he overtook Lewis Hamilton for a strong victory.

Hamilton hopeful for win at Silverstone

Impressive as Rosbergs record for the season may be, he is still trumped by Lewis Hamilton’s four victories, as well as most other driving stats on paper. In Monaco, a tactical error by the team led to a gifted victory for the German. In terms of confidence building though, the recent run of impressive form is exactly what Rosberg needed before Silverstone.

Hamilton will be hopeful that the same clutch problems that haunted him in Bahrain are not present to mar his Silverstone campaign. After some technical changes made by the team, Hamilton had more of a difficult time adapting to the changes than did Rosberg.

Mercedes are the dominant force this year, with no other team able to muster a convincing challenge. Ferrari are the closest at present, who seem to be able to offer a closer battle in the second half of most races. In the 2015 constructors though, they only have 192 points to Mercedes’ 328. This has led, in a recent poll, to some complaints from fans. Nearly 90% of Formula 1 viewers say they want to see the sport become more competitive, being tired of the absolute monopoly certain teams have each season.

The survey also found some other interesting statistics. 74% said the rules should be relaxed to allow greater diversity of cars and technology, while the same amount said that the sound of the engines was important. The early-mid 2000s are often cited as the era producing the best looking and sounding cars, before regulations changed and the engines made to produces lower tones.

Author Eoghan Aston
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