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South Africa pay back

South Africa managed to run their way to victory against the visitors that made them work a couple of months ago in the test series. England were floored with a nine wicket victory and a 2-0 over-all score to the home team. They deserved to win following a much better performance than that delivered by the away-side at the second Twenty20.

South Africa were on a roll

South Africa have now defeated England during their tour of the country, in two tournaments out of three. They have been victorious in both the ODI and now the Twenty20. The home team proved to cricket fans that they are still at the top of their game, following their loss to England in the recent test series.

England will need to address their methods of play if they are to improve their form ahead of the World Twenty20.

Following the demise of the England head coach, Trevor Bayliss, has admitted that there is work that needs to be done. When he was asked if he thought that England needed to suffer the loss and treat see it as a reality check the Australian said:

“Yes certainly. It shows we’ve still got a lot of hard work to be done. We’ve had some good results, but it’s a reminder to people back home in England that this team is still a developing one. We’ve had some good performances, and there’s a lot of potential there. But potential never won anything… we’ve got some hard work to do.”

He added:

“I think the expectation the players have put on themselves is why they are so disappointed when they play badly. It may be that extra pressure they put on themselves that they’ve got to get over.”

Bayliss admits that England would be better off going to the World Twenty20 with some experience of winning but insists that due to the nature of the game the momentum can change very quickly which has a knock on effect on results.

England have three weeks before the first game in India, and they have a couple of practice games lined up which they are looking forward to playing.

Author Lisa Wood
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