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The Ashes is Imminent

The Ashes is due to start in a matter of hours and preparations are under way in Cardiff. Cricket fans across the country are on the edge of their seats as the third ashes test in the last two years is due to commence.

The Ashes – How will the game pan out?

The last two Ashes have had contradictory results. England won at home 3-0 in 2013 and Australia took the urn back on Aussie ground just six months later with a sensational score of 5-0. As a result the predictability of the outcome is almost impossible, although Australia may be perceived as the most likely victors, following their whitewash of a win last year.

The conditions of the pitches on English ground will prove to be fundamental for the home team who’s bowlers took full advantage of the dry ground in 2013 to take the Ashes. All attempts will be made to ensure that the ground is ideal again for a bowlers attack. With that in mind though, England will also be prepping the ground for the opposition for the likes of Josh Hazelwood, renowned for his fast ball, and also for spinner Nathan Lyon. The question all fans will be asking is how English Batsmen will fair against the Australian talents.

Australia will certainly be out to destroy England’s captain, Alistair Cook, for one. The English talent is sure to be the one that Australia’s bowlers will aim to eliminate early on. The battle is already at the height of anticipation and this is unlikely to lesson as the matches progress. Australia may have out rightly won The Ashes in the last ‘innings’ but England did put up a fair fight against the then home team and provided them with adequate competition.

Statistically the visitors might fare better, but put the teams into practice following the hype and anything could happen. There is certainly a buzz in the air; can England bring the ashes home? Watch this space……..

Author Lisa Wood
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