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Tokyo to host Olympics 2020 Games

To the delight of the Japanese population, Tokyo was chosen over the likes of Madrid and Istanbul to host the 2020 Olympics in 7 years’ time. Tokyo won the final round of voting, with the voters being members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), by receiving 60 votes, whilst the runner-up, Istanbul, only received 36. Madrid was eliminated from the final line-up as they were voted out in the first round of voting between these three cities. Tokyo must now start to get preparations ready for their second Olympics, after they hosted one back in 1964.

Jacques Rogge, the president of the IOC, is set to retire today after being in the role for 12 years, so it was suitable that he would pronounce the winning city, which turned out to be Tokyo. When the name of the Japan city was read out and shown on the card, there were cheers and celebrations from the Tokyo delegation. They were jumping around hugging each other and waving Japan flags in what proved to be a very emotional moment for the delegation of a city who suffered a horrible natural disaster, that terrible earthquake and tsunami 2 years ago.

Tokyo hope the Olympics takes the local minds off the natural disaster

As many people know, in 2011 the city of Japan, Tokyo, suffered a terrible attack by Mother Nature as an earthquake and tsunami descended on the city causing a nuclear plant to start leaking radiation. However, with the plant being around 150 miles away from the city, Japan’s prime minister issued a personal statement claiming, “It has never done, and will never do, any damage to Tokyo.” This problem was overlooked by the IOC who decided that Tokyo would be the best choice to host the 2020 Olympics, which will help the city and country with their economy and problems.

Yuki Ota, a silver Olympic Japanese medalist in fencing, commented, “I cannot believe it. A thousand times I imagined Jacques Rogge opening the paper; it has become a reality. After the earthquake everyone in Japan was depressed but now we have to make a dream come true.” Tsunekazu Takeda, the leader of the bid for Tokyo, then added, “I would like to thank everyone in the Olympic movement and we will host a wonderful Olympic Games. It is a great honour that Tokyo has been chosen. The first thing I will do when I return is to thank all of Japan.”

For Madrid, they were not given the privilege of hosting the Olympic Games for a third straight year as the IOC apparently had worries about the economy in that city. However, the reasons for Istanbul were much more serious sport wise as they have had many Turkish Olympians found guilty of using illegal drugs to enhance their performance and make them perform better. Furthermore, the fact that they were having political problems didn’t help, mixed with the aggression and troubles currently going on in their neighbour country, Syria.

Author Daniel Foster.
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