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Trent Bridge plays host to test match four

Last year saw Australia defeat England in humiliating victory on their home ground. Following the spectacular result for Australia, England received an onslaught of abuse from both the British and the world’s media. It’s Now Australia’s turn to receive some flack, ahead of the fourth test this week, at Trent Bridge. The last Ashes test saw England a wash with negative feedback and constant digs from the press. England were even dismissed at the start of the series as Australia were deemed to be favorites in the battle for the Ashes.

Trent Bridge could see England take back the urn

Trent Bridge could see England steal back the Urn from Australia this week. If the team can pull out all the stops during the game we could draw a line under the Ashes 2015 as victors. It’s not impossible to believe that Alistair Cook’s men could take the urn following an amazing show at Edgbaston last week. But at this stage it would be foolish for the home squad to become complacent.

Australia might have been thrashed at Edgbaston, but it doesn’t mean they won’t come back from there fighting, in an effort to even up the score once more in this series. Having won the first test England went on to lose at Lords, they then beat the away team in a spectacular show at Edgbaston.

Australia lost their wickets one by one, in Birmingham, and didn’t manage to hit many runs off of some superb bowling form England. The question on everyone’s lips is now whether or not Australia will come back fighting to even up the score once more. Australia will definitely be holding out for a fifth test.

England’s Cricket fans will be anticipating a win at Trent Bridge, but it is important that the team don’t forget just who it is that they are dealing with. As can often be the case Cooks men can become complacent and, Australia historically come back fighting.

England must work hard at Trent Bridge, not least as they have lost Anderson due to injury. The phenomenal bowling from James Anderson massively contributed to England’s success at Edgbaston. The win could even be considered to be just down to him after he took out six of Australia’s batsmen. It will be hard for the England to fill Anderson’s shoes at Trent Bridge, but no one man can make a team.

Here’s hoping that they can pull out all of the stops and bring the Ashes home!

Author Lisa Wood.
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