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A yellow Card Could Mean Time Out

Major changes are predicted in football as it seems players could be sent to a time out in the ‘sin bin’ as a result of a yellow card on the pitch. Next month this proposal will be discussed at the International Football Association Boards, annual meeting, in London. The discussion is said to be centred on a permanent change which we could see in practise in youth teams and amateur competitions as early as March.

Time Out in the ‘Sin Bin’

Having been in tested in UEFA development competitions and in amateur leagues for some time, the new rule has had positive feedback and outcomes. The results have prompted the suggestion that this rule could be put in place across the board.

If the ruling is granted approval, ‘sin bins’, will be used straight away at lower levels and could later be introduced at a professional level. It is predicted that this new measure will be fully in place within two to three years.

IFAB will discuss how the ‘sin bin’, time out, rule will have an effect on the game. The premise is that it is hoped promote a certain level of discipline on the pitch.

The rule promises to make the game fair, with a particular focus on coaching up and coming individuals. The International Football Association Board, also hope that the new ruling could encourage even more interest in the game.

There will also likely be a discussion, at the meeting, concerning communication. In particular the suggestion that only the captain may converse with the referee on the pitch. This rule is expected to help improve communication between players and officials, and enhance the role and responsibility of the team captain.

The International Football Association Board, consists of representatives from FIFA, as well as the Football Associations of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Collectively any changes to the rules of the game will be made by these associations.

Author Lisa Wood
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